My Definition of a “Good” Leader

By Kishore Shahani

A good leader:

  • Makes things happen and achieves results, supported by his/her team.
  • Has the skills to inspire, guide, influence, listen to and engage with his/her team.
  • Is always congruent and respectful, with unyielding integrity.
  • Accepts and manages change.
  • Establishes direction.
  • Aligns actions to the goals of the business.
  • Is a role model.
  • Never stops learning.

Kishore Shahani is a proven Business & Leadership Development Executive with extensive achievement driving businesses within complex markets and developing value-add cross-functional teams. He is currently bringing his more than 30 years of business leadership experience to action as a Business Consultant, Leadership Trainer and Speaker.  Contact Kishore for more info.


10 thoughts on “My Definition of a “Good” Leader”

  1. Congratulations Kishore for this new proyect….you are an excelent. And ‘”good” leader..

    Blanca y Oscar


    1. Gracias Kishore por tus continuas enseñanzas, por predicar con el ejemplo. Te conocí como un BUEN LIDER Y EXCELENTE SER HUMANO A SEGUIR

      Ana Escalante
      Ex Cemtec


    1. Thanks Arturo… yes, I do look at risk management from a change management point of view… I will keep this in mind for future publications. Thanks for your suggestion,,, Un abrazo, Kishore


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